Friday, July 3, 2009

More on Peter Sunde, Stallman and Lula

Pablo Lorenzoni on his blog, Nardol, has two good posts on Brazilian President's visit to FISL.

The first, explaining the preparatives for the presidential visit on
FISL10 day 21
And the second telling about the visit itself, on:
FISL10 day3 - the day I met the Presidento
This one, specially, had two good parts which deserves note, the first is the picture which shows what I had told on "Stallman and Pirate meet Brazilian President":

At the front layer, you can clearly see, from left to rigth, Peter Sunde (green jacket), Richard Stallman (red shirt) and Mr. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the Brazilian President.

And the second part from Nardol, is the transcription of part of the President's speech, which I do reproduce here:
“I remember the first meeting we had at Granja do Torto [which is the presidential country residence – similar to Camp David, but less aristocratic], in which I understood absolutely nothing about what these people were discussing, and there was an enormous tension between those defending the adoption of Free Software by Brazil and those defending we should just do what we always did – remain the same, buying and paying for others’ intelligence. Thanks God, in our country, the decision to adopt Free Software prevailed.”

This was one of the most important parts, IMHO also.

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