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Low cost microcontrolling

I had a terrible issue at work today. We certainly have to give up from a windows controlled device, depending on time critical software to use a cheap and easy to find microcontroller.
Making a couple of phone calls to local electronics shops, draws me to one single option. Microchip's PIC 16F family.
So, let's go to PIC world: (Programming the PIC16F84 with LINUX) The PIC16F84 is easily found at any electronics shops in my town. It costs around R$ 15,00 (fifteen reais), local brazilian currency, which is around US$ 8.45.
Programming PIC’s in Linux using C with SDCC

Intro to Programming PIC Microcontrollers in Linux (PonyProg - GLP Serial devices programmer) (sdcc for PIC HowTo)
There is a good Spanish site about PIC projects at

Some free/open tools for hobbies

[Open source PCB routing] MUCS-PCB - The University of Manchester School Of Computer Science PCB design software

Ladder Logic for PIC and AVR

SketchFlat: 2d CAD, with Constraints

SOLVESPACE -- parametric 3d CAD
And for autorouting on kicad, there is the closed source freerouting

[SIGGRAPH 2009]Build Your Own 3D Scanner: Optical Triangulation for Beginners