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EIDORS: Electrical Impedance Tomography and Diffuse Optical Tomography Reconstruction Software

This was found at:
Apparently, EIDORS works with both, matlab and octave.

I have to remember to also check

Compiling win32 binaries on linux

Old habits are hard to be dropped.

As a long term linux user I fell much more comfortable using my old emacs text editor with a good old "green on black" Xterm terminal console window.

So we have some legacy code here on my current job, those which must run also on windows. I was making some improvements on it, porting to use wx-widgets, compiling and using it on linux. But some windows users started to want those improvements on their widows versions. As the only WX programmer around, I was the only person able to compile the windows version. As I think future improvements would also be wanted by the windows users, I decided to deploy a windows wxDevCPP installation on wine on my linux workstation.

Well the first steps are simple:
First get a wx-DevCPP installation executable onInstall it using wineOpen your .dev files on wxDevBuild itNow you have a, which can be used to directly compile win32 binaries.
A batch file could also be written to make things easy:

Watching history

Well it actually happened, as I was foreseeing, Richard Stallman and Peter Sunde had met the Brazilian President.
Sérgio Amadeu wrote on the blog trezentos:
Mariel Zasso took a picture of Lula with Peder Sunde, one of Pirate Bay's founders. The Brazilian President defends the freedom on the internet and importance of collaboration. He said on his speach, after meet Richard Stallman, Marcelo Branco, Mad Dog, Mario Teza, Pablo, Sergio Amadeu, Marcos Mazoni, Marcelo Tossati, Peter Sunde, Bruno Souza among other: “the internet must still ”… “On my government is forbiden to forbid.”…”The fredom is source of the creativity”.

I was there, and the president's speech was really impressive.
P.S.: Lula had also met Karlison Bezerra ;-)

Stallman and Pirate meet Brazilian President

Today's afternoon Peter Sunde (from Pirate Bay) and Richard Stallman (FSF) will meet Luis Inacio, the Brazilian President on the biggest Free Software convention on Latin America, the International Free Software Forum (FISL).
Stallman and Peter Sunde, both had talks on FISL's 10th edition (#spectrial - How piracy became theatre, The Pirate Bay uncovered, The Danger of Software Patents, Copyright vs Community) and today's news on the presidential audience leads us to foresee the obvious meting.
This year's FISL is the biggest of all times, with 8157 attendees and still counting, it has talks on 6 diferent builngs trought the University Campus.
And we start getting the twitts about the presidential visit.

NeHe lesson 40 fix (at least for my setup)

I was trying to compile the Dev-Cpp example of the Lesson 40, and I was always ending up with:

NeHeGL.o:NeHeGL.cpp: undefined reference to `ChoosePixelFormat@8'
NeHeGL.o:NeHeGL.cpp: undefined reference to `SetPixelFormat@12'
NeHeGL.o:NeHeGL.cpp: undefined reference to `SwapBuffers@4'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
*** [MinGW/Lesson40.exe] Error 1

I had spend hours thinking the problem was with my Dev-Cpp setup, but after googling onChoosePixelFormat, one of the functions on with I was having troubles, I found at msdn that this function is a gdi32 function, and the .dev file was missing this on the linker entry

I have checked and my Dev-Cpp setup had the libgdi32.a in the same folder that I also had libopengl32.a and libglu32.a so, I made the assumption that this lib should also be linked during the compilation. I did some tests just adding the -lgdi32 on the command line compilation and SUCESS! So I was just needing to make Dev-Cpp also generates the approp…