Tuesday, June 9, 2009

NeHe lesson 40 fix (at least for my setup)

I was trying to compile the Dev-Cpp example of the nehe.gamedev.net Lesson 40, and I was always ending up with:

NeHeGL.o:NeHeGL.cpp: undefined reference to `ChoosePixelFormat@8'
NeHeGL.o:NeHeGL.cpp: undefined reference to `SetPixelFormat@12'
NeHeGL.o:NeHeGL.cpp: undefined reference to `SwapBuffers@4'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
*** [MinGW/Lesson40.exe] Error 1

I had spend hours thinking the problem was with my Dev-Cpp setup, but after googling onChoosePixelFormat, one of the functions on with I was having troubles, I found at msdn that this function is a gdi32 function, and the .dev file was missing this on the linker entry

I have checked and my Dev-Cpp setup had the libgdi32.a in the same folder that I also had libopengl32.a and libglu32.a so, I made the assumption that this lib should also be linked during the compilation. I did some tests just adding the -lgdi32 on the command line compilation and SUCESS! So I was just needing to make Dev-Cpp also generates the appropriate makefile.

To solve this, I opened the Lesson40.dev on the notepad and where was
I appended the -lgdi32_@@_ and it became:

And that is it.

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