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Pseudo 3D game


Teaching Internship - Lab Class

Tonight was my first lab class at my teaching internship.

We were preparing the undergrad students to make their final work for this class.
At this class professor introduced the "objloader" to them. For them to use it to open wavefront obj files for their animation work.
Professor also talked about the Accutrans3d.

The old Pro/Engineer also saves wavefront obj files.

Done - with Catull type face

(Done with inkscape, following the tutorial cited on a previous post.) Goostavo

CAD Tutorials

The Mechanical Engineering Department from the Carnigie Mellon University has placed some good tutorials on how to use the PTC Pro/Engineer CAD software.

It is an excellent material and is based on Pro/Engineer Wildfire 3, the last one with a Linux version.

It also includes Sheet Metal and Surfaces design and Finite Element Analisys using the Pro/Mechanica module.

Google Logo to Goostavo

I was looking for a way to make a colored logo likes Google's to use for my kid's name.
Here is a simple tutorial on how to make the colored 3D effect with inkscape.
If I had the Catull type face, used by Google, it would be very cool to write my son's name (Gustavo) as Goostavo ;-) (done at May 13, 2010)

Catull Type face
(tutorial done with Catull, results at "Done - with Catull type face")