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powerpoint slides to jpeg

Looking for some way to convert power point slides to JPG, I've found this site:

It has tons of good linux command line tips.

And here is the tip about the pdf to jpg which brought me there:

And to convert the powerpoint to pdf before, one can issue the unoconv command:

unoconv -f pdf slides.ppt


Tonight I was home alone with my kid. Fortunately for us (the kid and me) our PC is connected to the TV set. So, he watched his favorites DVDs, while I had Google Reader in play mode with slide show enabled and side by side windows.

After playing the DVDs a dozen times, Google Reader showed this e-book post.

PostgreSQL is my database of choice, so this book will be very appreciated.

The PostgreSQL e-book is at:

JavaScript Pie charts

Considering the "Warning against using pie charts", I'm needing to produce a couple of jquery/json ajax enabled piecharts within a simple webapp I'm designing.

There are some sort of ready to use examples:

Using various javascript libraries to create pie chart

JavaScript charts | Pie charts

Flash Calendar V2.0 to iCal

The organization where I work uses a Flash Calendar to show holidays, special day activities and other public calendar. The Flash Calendar loads its events from a XML file which, in our case, is keeped really up to date. So I was willing to view those events on my Google Calendar screen, to better plan my meatings and so on.
After that, I had written a small wrapper to parse the XML and echo iCal output. It still not fully compatible with Flash Calendar XML, but for the uses of my organization is enougth.
I did put it on github.

Tron CSS theme

After two posts about the last Tron Legacy movie (Web Fonts, emacs, Tron Legacy and Interface design), and trying to make a Tron theme for my web apps. I decided to google for a Tron CSS theme... Wasn't a surprise Google came with Sassy Tron Theme, which includes the movie's touch keyboard entirely written with CSS.