Friday, June 26, 2009

Stallman and Pirate meet Brazilian President

Today's afternoon Peter Sunde (from Pirate Bay) and Richard Stallman (FSF) will meet Luis Inacio, the Brazilian President on the biggest Free Software convention on Latin America, the International Free Software Forum (FISL).
Stallman and Peter Sunde, both had talks on FISL's 10th edition (#spectrial - How piracy became theatre, The Pirate Bay uncovered, The Danger of Software Patents, Copyright vs Community) and today's news on the presidential audience leads us to foresee the obvious meting.
This year's FISL is the biggest of all times, with 8157 attendees and still counting, it has talks on 6 diferent builngs trought the University Campus.
And we start getting the twitts about the presidential visit.

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