Thursday, July 23, 2009

Engineer Honoris Causa

We always think of an engineer as a guy who has a college degree. But, in the case o William Kamkwamba, who build an windmill from scrap in his village on Malawi (Africa) we just got back to what really powers engineering: Inspiration, Motivation, Information and Dedication.
He had the Information available at a library, on how a windmill works, he had the Inspiration to see the windmill would fulfill the necessity of electric power his village had and those factors gave him the Motivation and with Dedication he did accomplish his windmill.

William Kamkwamba spoke at TED

And has a blog now.

This is a good example of a talented engineer.

College degrees give us Information, but if we don't have the Inspiration, Motivation and Dedication, we will never be a real engineer. The College degree also legitimates the engineer but in William's case, his windmill legitimates his engineering skills.

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