Monday, July 26, 2010

Free Open Source Parametric 3D CAD on Linux

The folks looking for a free and open source option for a Parametric 3D CAD have theirs choice now. HeeksCAD is a parametric 3D CAD, based on the open source modeler OpenCascade.

Actually it is for Linux and Windwos. It uses WX Widgets as its widget set.

The HeeksCAD site lacks on screenshots, as long as they are keeping a good work on the software... (let the community provides the screenshots ;-)

Googling a little we can found a good discussion in a forum at

From the forum discussion above, I had extracted the following shots:

I had already used the Salome (another OpenCascade based tool), but the CAD it provides where more for geometry design for finite element pre and post processing. Diferent from Salome, HeeksCAD has much more functionalities from CADs like Pro/Engineer and SolidWorks.

I have around 8 years of experience in Pro/Engineer and 5 years using SolidWorks, I had no difficult to start modeling on HeeksCAD.

There are another Free and Open Source CAD based on OpenCascade. I had tried the gCAD, the FreeCAD and the HeeksCAD. The three are good, but the one which I was more productive was the HeeksCAD.

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