Friday, February 26, 2010

More on Open Source Hardware

Slashdot came with this Retro Arcade-Style Clock, designed by Amanda 'w0z' Wozniak.

MONOCHRON - open source retro clock from adafruit industries on Vimeo.

This toke me the Lady Ada web site with some projects on open source hardware.


  1. Hello Filipi,

    Talking about open source hardware, some nice projects that I like a lot are the Arduino, which is very well know:

    I have an Arduino clone, a Seeeduino Mega. Very cool in the sense anybody can create "hardware" solutions for a lot of problems even having just a basic knowledge about electronics.

    Another cool projects are the Minimig (an Amiga chipset re-implementation in a FPGA), Usebox ( a very nice video-game running fully on a single microcontroller. In fact since hardware are ever more popular a lot of nice things are starting to show up.

    Fabio Utzig

  2. This one is also awesome!

  3. Hi Fabio!
    Log time hein..

    I had already heard about Arduino Arduino. We are planning to buy some here at IDEIA, and start to use it as a standard arround here.

    The Minimg is really cool. After seeing an image of one implementation of it on a Spartan 3 board, I started to study for my class of VHDL during my undergraduate studies.

    The Uzebox is awesome, I had to build one for my kid :-)

    And that logic sniffer is really the coolest one in those you told me. Just yesterday a colleague here from the IDEIA had asked me about a logic analyzer. I think he is gone build one.