Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cross-compiling windows applications under linux with wine and DevC++

This post has the same title as this, from Violin Iliev because it is almost a "repost". I had an old post on compiling win32 binaries on linux, but the technique I had shown lack the windows resource file compiling. Violin had written his wrapper to the windres resource compiler, but one good "emergency option" if one couldn't, or don't want, or hasn't time to, write a wrapper or compile Violin'd wrapper, is to follow what was commented on Violin's blog by someone who signed as Andy. Andy said:

"I had the same problems with windres and mingw32-make under wine 1.0.1
I solved the problems by putting an original copy of msvcrt.dll in the bin subfolder of mingw32 and telling wine to load it first instead of its own msvcrt emulation.
hope it can be useful

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