Friday, July 29, 2011

Design Stencils

We need to develop some interface sketch at one of our labs.
So would be good to have a collection of gui stencils to draw it in inkscape.

Yahoo has a beautiful stencils collection at:

And there is also the Axure at:

Thursday, July 28, 2011

More on cross-compiling (Codeblocks targets)

Following two old posts (Cross-compiling windows applications under linux with wine and DevC++ and Compiling win32 binaries on linux) here another post on cross-compiling windows applications on linux.

DevC++ has apparently been droped by its creators, as it has been years since its last release.
After that I am willing to migrate some projetcs to Codeblocks. To not loose to much productivity, I am using a windows vitual machine (Virtual Box) to compile my windows projects, with DevC++, Codeblocks and Borland C++ Builder.

But what I want most is to do everything from my emacs window. Until I can do it so, I am using Codeblocks which is a multiplatform IDE, running on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Codeblocks has a target option to its projects. One can set diferent target platforms for the same project. The same project can be opened on diferent Codeblocks versions, linux and windows for example, and, with the propoer target configuration, be compiled for windows and for linux even folowing different kind of dependencies at each platform.

Codeblocks wiki has a simple, but nice, tutorial on cross compiling wxWidgets with codeblocks.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Working in multiple labs sometimes worth new infos on different knowledge areas. As I am at LAD every Wednesday and Friday at afternoon, people there always came with news on high performance computing. Today, one former student visiting the lab told me about the PlaNETLab project, wich is s a global research network that supports the development of new network services. There are hosts spread trough many countries as shown on their map.

Interface design

I am not a designer... much worst, I am an engineer. But I was always fascinated with beautyfull interfaces designed for movies. In speciall from last movies like Tron Legacy, Iron Man 2 and Avatar and one a little dated, LCARS from Star Trek.

Googling a little on "lcars avatar tron iron man interface design", I've found some awesome links:

Sci-Fi Movie Interfaces: Why Transparent Screens Are Miserable to Use

How Can the Division of the Screen Enhance our Experience of Dimensionality?

I hope to improve this blog design :-) and to put more content on desgin here.